The L.I.E.

If you’re a person who likes to touch a plate when the server tells you it’s hot. Then we have something wonderful in common.

Cliché or not, it’s actually rare to accept that when you fail, it doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. Rather than follow that pattern, it’s usually a LIE (Learn Iterate Evolve) moment.


Mistakes make us better

Mistake quotes


Fix the real issue without throwing away the vision

Iterate lookup


Grow into not making the same mistakes – at a conceptual level

“If developmental mistakes or errors are essential to evolution, aren’t they, in some sense, not mistakes or errors at all?” – Big Questions


This LIE belief underpins how I approach projects, plans, ideas, risk and life generally.

Just like Mater in Cars, I love my dents, in fact when I see my life as big long series of failures I am so proud at not having stayed still, settled for the status quo or happy having never risked anything.

In one way I am jealous of people who can do that and be truly happy – just meander through the streets of life – because when I am working on a sure-to-fail crack-pot scheme, I am fully content.

A pioneer?  Maybe.

Mad? Definitely.

Unfocused? Sometimes.

Unique? Crayfish salad.

Occasionally of course there is a project or scheme that needs to DIE – Don’t Iterate or Evolve but you still learn!

Often when a project or plan dies it hurts enough the learning gets put into a special place.  A place where the warning lights start to flash whenever you approach.  Using these warnings in the right and constructive way, rather than taking on the dreaded fear, is a skill all in itself.

Taking the real reason for ‘failure’ and using it as learning, motivation and inspiration for the next iteration or next project is surely humankind evolving – making a difference that will lead to the next bag of learning.

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