Jons Lotto Ticket

The Viable Idea

February 6, 2017 Jon Air 0

Instant success or blood, sweat and tears? Everyone “gets it” or just says nice things? Really simple, or devil in the detail? Understanding the magic behind whether a project will be a success or not

Aardman's Gromit Charity Sale

The Gromit

November 17, 2016 Jon Air 5

Excited, feeling slightly more important than normal, sat in Aardman’s Gromit Charity Sale “Gromit Unleashed” I was ready to buy a Gromit for the office, for the cause, but mainly for the fame and glory

Thomas Edison know about failing

The L.I.E.

November 16, 2016 Jon Air 1

If you’re a person who likes to touch a plate when the server tells you it’s hot. Then we have something wonderful in common. Cliché or not, it’s actually rare to accept that when you fail, it doesn’t